Waterproofing is now and forever will be an issue when it comes to water leaks.

Unfortunately over time waterproofing looses it’s integrity and becomes vulnerable in places, which lets then water escape.
Waterproofing leaks can be ver tricky to locate because often where the water appears, is not where the leak is.

Imagine a waterproofed bathroom that has a leak tracking 3 metres behind a waterproofed wall, to a weak spot in a concrete slab and then leaking down.

At Waster Deep Plumbing, we see these scenarios all the time and now we have it down to an art.
Not only are we experts at diagnosing the leaks with our advanced leak detection equipment, we’re also the ‘masters of repair’.
Minimal disruption is our motto, meaning before we go smashing holes in your home, we’ll do what’s necessary and required before we create any disturbance. Only then do we go about the repair with as little disruption as possible.

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