Sub Soil Drainage

One of the larges cause of rising damp is inadequate sub soil drainage.

Don’t let your home become a muddy mess or a potential health hazard

Too often homes are built with a poor consideration for rain water and flood water run off, which often ends up in a wet muddy mess and a potential health hazard.
Rising damp causes mould and mould can lead to respiratory problems, especially in children.

The best way to prevent rising damp is by installing sub soil drainage from the onset, so if you’re building a new home, give Waste Deep Plumbing a call. We both install and consult with storm water drainage systems.

Alternatively, if your having issues at home with rising damp, mould, water pooling, damp and musky smells, give us a call because in most cases when our highly skilled technicians carry out their investigation, they’re able to locate a problem and better still…provide a solution.

Give Waste Deep Plumbing a call today and sort out those drainage issues