Hot Water Heaters

Interesting fact. Did you know that your hot water heater only has a 7 year life on it?

Tired of running out of Hot Water?

95% of the Hot Water Heaters that Waste Deep Plumbing get called out to inspect are much older than their 7 year life expectancy, so to save your heater from breaking down on you, we suggest you get it checked. Of course this doesn’t mean changing a heater in perfectly good working order, however if we can help you squeeze a few more years out of it, we know you’ll be grateful.

Are you tired of running out of hot water?
Did you know, it’s likely that you can install an instantaneous hot water heater at your property and never have to worry about ‘who’s showering next’ again.
Instantaneous hot water heaters are a must for families (especially if you have teenage daughters). They run off gas too, so their very efficient by reducing electricity consumption.

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