On the Northern Beaches, we’re blessed with the luxury of having Natural Gas available to pretty much every home and most apartments.

Gas delivers an economical, consistent and reliable heating & cooking

As an alternative to electricity, gas delivers an economical, consistent and reliable solution for things like heating your home, cooking and heating your hot water.
If you’ve never cooked with gas before, you’ll be amazed at how incredible it is in comparison to electricity. The saying, “now we’re cooking with gas” could not be more accurate, as putting one next to the other is like comparing chalk and cheese.

Waste Deep Plumbing are qualified and highly experienced gas technicians and regularly work with gas on everything from new installations, right through to electric conversions and gas maintenance. If you’re building a new home, we can help you size and install your service and if you’re looking at getting some new gas appliances, we can also help you remove the old, select the new and install it.

Also, did you know, you can convert your bottled gas BBQ to Natural Gas?
Meaning, you’ll never have to worry about the gas running out and having to finish half cooked steaks on your cook top again.

Give Waste Deep Plumbing a call today and start “Cooking With Gas”